GAMS Memory Check

Uwe A. Schneider

last modified January 2015

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This information can be used to check whether parameters, equations, variables are conditioned correctly.

It can also help in deciding whether to kill GAMS items. 

In the near future, I will automate the usage of this and make the output more user-friendly.

General Instructions

  1. insert "option dmpsym;" in a location within a GAMS program where you want to create a memory ranking
  2. run the associated GAMS program
  3. copy this file (0_memory.gms) to your GAMS project and open it in editor
  4. enter/replace the correct name in the following statement "$setglobal list_file_name <file name stem>", where file name stem refers to the name of the file (without extension) which was run in 2.
  5. run 0_memory.gms
  6. Open 0_memory.lst and search for the displayed parameters


I thank Martha Bolivar and Mutisungilire Kachulu for providing programs that led to the discovery of bugs.

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