AWK Scripts for Loading Text Files into GAMS

Uwe A. Schneider

last modified May 2012

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Many data are stored in text files but are not compatible with GAMS. Such data include geographic data, various model output, and statistics. AWK is a text processing program which is integrated in GAMS. It can help you to convert text file based information if this information is organized in a systematic way. As long as you can perceive a rule on which to process your data automatically, there is a high chance that you can formulate this rule as an awk script. The following tasks can easily be implemented in awk:

General Instructions

Awk scripting for GAMS through GAMSIDE usually involves four different files:

  1. A text format file with information (e.g. data.txt), from which you want to extract GAMS sets or parameters.
  2. A text file containing the awk script (e.g. script.awk). I use the extension .awk for these files but this is not required
  3. A *.gms file containing a statement to execute the awk script (e.g. $call awk -f script.awk data.txt > data.gms)
  4. An output file (e.g. data.gms which is produced by executing *.gms)

For help on awk scripts click here.



AWK scripting tips for GAMS users